Do You Know a Business in Need of Worldclass IT Support?

We can provide your organization with a complete set of computer network solutions.

Our team of experts at BrightWire Networks can become your outsourced IT department through our Managed IT Services.  With remote monitoring, we respond to issues quickly, often before you even notice them.  Covering everything from servers and network infrastructure to computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

Managed IT ServicesManaged IT Services

BrightWire Networks is equipped to become your complete IT Department to keep your computers and network running smoothly.

IT Security ServicesIT Security Services

BrightWire Networks protects our clients from online threats including ransomware, malware and hacking intrusion through hardware, software and human solutions.

Industry Specific SolutionsIndustry Specific Solutions

BrightWire Networks serves clients in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Legal Services, Manufacturing and many others.

Cloud Computing ServicesCloud Computing Services

BrightWire Networks can help you decide which key functions you should put in the cloud, including email hosting, servers and key software.

Video - Secret Weapon

Video - Secret Weapon

What's in The Box? An obsessed independent journalist goes to great lengths to learn BrightWire's Secret Weapon in the battle against hackers and phishers.

Video - Testimonials

Video - Testimonials

BrightWire Networks clients describe their impressions and experiences with our managed IT services.

Video - Presentations

Video - Presentations

Todd Whitley and others from BrightWire Networks give presentations on IT topics including Ransomware, productivity, cost-effectiveness and technical solutions.

Olympia and Tacoma Computer Support

BrightWire Networks has been providing professional information technology support for businesses in and around Olympia, Washington since 2005. 

BrightWire’s founders Gordon and Todd have created and grown an IT support company around PEOPLE, not merely technology.  We hire people that are clearly “People-People” first, because we know that relating well to other humans is fundamental, and we can more easily teach the technical skills through professional development.

So learn "About Us" on the pages below, and feel free to laugh at our staged photos as much as we did when taking them!

  • BrightWire Story
  • Are We A Good Fit?
  • Meet The Team
  • Just Say "Hi Jessica"
  • Tech Support Re-Imagined
BrightWire Story

The BrightWire Networks Story

What happens when you combine an enterprise-level systems administrator with a customer-focused business entrepreneur?

BrightWire Story

Let's be honest with each other

You are picky about who you trust and who you do business with. So are we. The sooner that we decide whether we are a good fit for each other or not, the sooner we can either work together or just be friends.

Are We A Good Fit?
Are We A Good Fit?
Meet The Team

The BrightWire Networks Team

BrightWire Networks understands that making a decision means putting your trust in us. Take a few minutes and get to know the BrightWire Networks Team, including roles, capabilities, perspectives, hopes, dreams and favorite TV shows!

Meet The Team

To activate our Help Desk, just say "Hi Jessica"

Apple has Siri.

Amazon has Alexa.

BrightWire Networks has ... Jessica.

Jessica is a fully autonomous, sentient being able to listen to client requests over the phone or read them over email.

Just Say "Hi Jessica"
Just Say Hi Jessica
Tech Support Re-Imagined

Tech Support. What do people LOVE to HATE about Tech Support??

It's expensive! It's obtrusive! Too much Technobabble! It makes me feel dumb! It didn't actually fix the problem!

How do we avoid all of that at BrightWire Networks? We completely re-imagine Tech Support.

Tech Support Re-Imagined
Would you like to get in touch with us?  Would you like to arrange a free site visit to get started?  Please give us a call or fill out the form online and we'll be happy to do so.

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