Do You Know a Business in Need of Worldclass IT Support?

Tech Support Re-Imagined

Tech Support. What do people LOVE to HATE about Tech Support??

  • It’s expensive!
  • It’s obtrusive!
  • Too much Technobabble!
  • It makes me feel dumb!
  • It didn’t actually fix the problem!

How do we avoid all of that at BrightWire Networks?

Completely Re-Imagine Tech Support.

Tech Support Squad

Tech Support Squad (with apologies to Suicide Squad)

At BrightWire, your monthly Professional service package includes unlimited Tech Support. We give you as much as you need and want. When we do that, it turns things around, flips things on their head, in a good way. Now:

  • It’s affordable, consistent, predictable and budgeted for correctly.
  • We deploy automated tools in the background to solve most issues before they go wrong.
  • We work together to make a plan, and BrightWire deeply understands your network.
  • Our Tech Support trains and coaches your team members on how to use their tech.
  • Our electronic ticketing system ensures that Tech Support carries through until issues are resolved.

Here’s what it boils down to. Since you pay the same every month, we now have the SAME GOAL: for your business to run smoothly, and for your technology to just plain work! When something does go sideways, we both want to fix it as quickly as possible! BrightWire Tech Support reaches out to you to make sure that you understand your technology and how to use it. Likewise, we want you to reach out to us, so that we can hear as soon as possible when something is weird or going wrong.

So forget any bad vibes you got from some other Tech Support. We’re on your side. Imagine that!

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